Surety bail bonds

Surety bail bonds are a three-way agreement between the surety company, the defendant and the court. The surety company (Hitchman Bail Bonds & Surety) provides the bond needed for the individual to be released. The Surety company also guarantees that the defendant will do exactly what he or she commits to its obligee (the court). In this case, Hitchman Bail Bonds & Surety is guaranteeing the defendant will show up to all of their court appearances. If the bonded defendant does not fulfill the obligations by showing up to court, the surety company (Hitchman Bail Bonds & Surety) will pay costs to the obligee (the court) for the amount of the posted bond.


Cash bonds

Incarcerated individuals have the right to pay cash for their bail, but this can use up imperative money that may be better used for other purposes, such as hiring an attorney and paying all court costs or state fees due.


Federal bail bonds

Federal bail bonds are certain when the individual is charged with a federal crime. These bonds are the most severe and riskiest of all the bonds. Federal bail bonds are harder to obtain and are significantly more expensive than county or city bonds.


Transfer Bonds

Transfer bonds are bonds that require more attention and a true understanding of the bail bond industry in order to obtain the release of a friend or relative. A transfer bond is needed when an individual is incarcerated outside of their hometown or county in which they reside. Hitchman Bail Bonds & Surety, through its surety company and affiliations with other sureties, can get your transfer bond posted anywhere in the country.


Immigration bail bonds

Immigration bail bonds are bonds the court sets for incarcerated individuals who were accused of a crime involving a foreign country. These bonds are more expensive and harder to obtain than other county or city bonds.

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